Armagnac - Baron de Sigognac 1997

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Armagnac - Baron de Sigognac 1997

700 mL.

LCBO# 276575

Beautiful clear golden yellow colour.
Intense nose with a fragrance of exotic fruits, cinnamon, vanilla and a slight touch of wood.
Fine and elegant in the mouth with a freshness and strength together with the development of candied orange and ginger. Lovely long finish of raisins and vanilla.

Bas Armagnac lies on the western side of the Armagnac region of France and is famed for producing some of the best examples of this distinctively styled brandy.

The local soil is typically acidic, silica-rich, sandy clay and is well suited to the cultivation of the Armagnac grape varieties – in particular, Baco Blanc and Ugni Blanc.

The temperate, oceanic climate and undulating valleys of Bas Armanganc ensure that the wines used in its brandies are high in acidity and low in alcohol. This, in turn, produces brandies that are stylistically delicate, complex and aromatic...