Armagnac - Château de Bordeneuve VSOP

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Armagnac - Château de Bordeneuve VSOP

700 mL.

LCBO# 276518

Aged for over 5 years in oak barrels, the Château de Bordeneuve VSOP is made in the most beautiful of Armagnac regions. Well-balanced, it is characterised by notes of ripe fruits, cinnamon and chocolate, ending with a woody finish.

Owned by the Guasch family, the Château de Bordeneuve is located in Maignan sur Eauze, the capital of Bas-Armagnac. Its magnificent terroir, composed of tawny sand and ‘boulbènes’ (silica-clay-sand) is planted with Ugni Blanc (80%) and Baco (20%).