Chateau de Chaintres - CLOS DES ORATORIENS 2013

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Chateau de Chaintres - CLOS DES ORATORIENS 2013

LCBO# 299767

Appellation: SAUMUR BLANC A.O.C.

Soil : Clay-lime stone

Vines : Chenin, 30 to 35 years old

Vineyard management : the vineyard is led in organic farming (under conversion).

Soil : Ploughing and hoeing under the rows (depending on the year). Pruning : simple guyot.

Debudding: heads and extra-buds. Vine: trellised on 5 threads with two or three trimmings/year. Leaf removal to the rising sun

green harvest to avoid heap.

Harvest : By hand leaving the unripe and over-ripe grapes.

Pressing : Direct, entire bunches.

Vinification: Cold settling, natural yeasts, long fermentation (3 months) in barrels of 2 to 4 wines.

Maturing: in barrels for 14 to 15 months then 3 to 4 months in vats. Filtration before bottling.

Serving suggestions : Dry wine to accompany warm fish dishes such as grilled lobster or scallops.

Keeping: 4 to 7 years