Cognac - Gaston de Casteljac XO Wooden box

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Cognac - Gaston de Casteljac  XO Wooden box

700 mL.

LCBO# 276724

Origin : Grande Champagne Cognac AOC

Description : G. de Casteljac Cognac are from a craft production which wants to stick to the expression of the gustative quality: to appreciate one of these cognacs is above all a rare privilege. The Cognac G. de Casteljac is made from pure and natural white wines, carefully selected, which will reveal these typical aromas and will give them the same characteristics as the original and traditional cognacs of the 18th century.
In order to preserve an intense aromatic range, they are distilled very slowly, without filtration.
Tasting Notes : Light amber colour
Powerful aroma that evokes notes of cinnamon followed by prune.
The mouth is bold, round and very complex leaving an impression of cloves dominated by faint notes of red fruits.