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Palmyra: The Bride of the Desert


In this first Bolg; we chose to talk more about the City of Palmyra in Syria; which we use to name our wine business.

As a Syrian who migrated to Canada and started my first company; I have decided to name this new business after the World Renowned site of Palmyra; to learn more about the ancient city, click on the link below

Why Palmyra ?

The city locations in the middle of the Syrian desert gave the inspiration to the late Syrian dictator Hafez Al Assad to create the most  brutal political prison in the Middle East; therefore, stamping the ancient site with his iron fist. Watch the video in this link about three political prisoners who spent years in Palmyra's prison.

Learn More through this video

Those of you who never visited the site; might be too late as the city fell into the hands of the Islamic States fighters; however, there are plenty of pictures that are available on the interent

Images from Palmyra

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