Cabernet Piave DOC 2017

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LCBO# 763607


The "Venetian qualities" embodied by Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon historically grown in the Veneto are definitely on full and glorious display in this wine. Its appearance offers the first evidence: a youthful, heady ruby red, luminous and full-volumed, which characteristically trends to garnet with age. The nose immediately releases the expected herbaceousness, judicious and kept in check by the overall structure, followed by crisp raspberry and an unusual impression of sweet violets. The palate is dry, with good breadth and superb balance; the tannins amalgamate effortlessly with the alcohol and glycerine, while the acidity is equally well integrated into the aromatic properties. It concludes with a finish laced with the same aromatic complex encountered on the nose. This is the classic wine to partner with grilled meats, its rounded, well-calibrated fruit the perfect foil to the meat's pungent juices; it is just as delicious with meat ragus and medium-aged cheeses