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LCBO# 800763

700 mL.

Origin : Calvados AOC

Description : Of a perfect age for a pleasant and refined tasting time, this Calvados is the expression of the control of distillation and ageing.

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Legend would have it that Charles, a young orphan recruited as a privateer in Saint Malo during the reign of Louis XIV, was tasked with feeding the crew. He loaded a brew of his own invention on board; a distillate of apple juice purported to help keep scurvy at bay.


He decided to store this brew in oak barrels on board and it is that action which gave life to the precursor of the Calvados we know today.


Many years later, following an honourable discharge for wounds sustained in service and having gained the favour of the king for his military prowess, Charles received the title, Charles de Granville.


Rightly proud of his new status, Charles set himself up in his city of Granville and devoted the rest of his long existence to perfecting and producing what would eventually come to be know as Le Calvados Charles de Granville.


Presentation: 70cl Bottle


Harvest and Brewing: Fully mature fruits with late brewing.


Varieties used: Bisquet, Bedan, Petit Joly & Saint Martin


Distillation: Continuous, Charentais still with two heating processes.


Ageing: Small oak casks. 25 year old minimum.


Alcohol: 40% vol.


Tasting Notes: Lovely honey colour with magnificent mahogany highlights.


Superb bouquet of home-made apple sauce, with touches of vanilla and prunes - elegant and subtle.


In the mouth, it is full and melting, reminiscent of apple pie, cinnamon and licorice.


A long finale of apricots and dried figs


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