Château de Bordeneuve Pruneaux a L'Armagnac

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1 L.

Still produced today using Jean- Claude GUASCH’s 1974 recipe.


Thanks to a few secrets, notably those used for cooking the prunes, the Armagnac’s ageing in barrels and the final maceration, the Bordeneuve Prunes in Armagnac, have a sweet tender flesh lightly imbibed with Armagnac that offer a subtle harmony between the fruit and the eau-de-vie. To be enjoyed at any time!


Presentation: 1 litre jar - 18% vol. - Boxed


Product: Prunes macerated in a sugar syrup with Armagnac from Château de Bordeneuve.


Terroir:Tawny sands.


Grape variety used for Armagnac: 80 % Ugni-Blanc & 20 % Baco.


Distillation: Typical Armagnac still and single distillation at 56 % vol.


Ageing of Armagnac: 3 years in oak casks