Cognac Gaston de Casteljac XO Extra

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700 mL.

Origin : Grande Champagne Cognac AOC

Description : Gaston. de Casteljac Cognac are from a craft production which wants to stick to the expression of the gustative quality: to appreciate one of these cognacs is above all a rare privilege. The Cognac Gaston. de Casteljac is made from pure and natural white wines, carefully selected, which will reveal these typical aromas and will give them the same characteristics as the original and traditional cognacs of the 18th century.
In order to preserve an intense aromatic range, they are distilled very slowly, without filtration.


Tasting Notes

Color : beautiful copper color with a shiny golden reflections.

In the Mouth: The taste of cognac - rich, rounded, with notes of dried fruit, soft spicy accents and nuances of roasted coffee beans, which are developed in a long and fascinating finish.

Aroma: Cognac has a rich, elegant aroma with notes of exotic fruits, hints of citrus, vanilla and delicate nuances of licorice.


It is best to use this neat cognac as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Cognac "Gaston de Casteljac" XO Extra is made ​​from the highest quality cognac obtained from white wine grapes which are grown in the Grande Champagne region. The House adheres to the maximum age-old traditions of brandy, creating "Gaston de Casteljac" XO Extra by the classical method, known since the XVIII century. Slow distillation retains all aromatic qualities of raw materials, cognac is not subject to filtering, which also retains the richness of its flavor. This cognac has exclusive status also because it was created specifically for the UK market. It comes directly at Buckingham Palace, and thus can rightly be called the "drink of kings."

Brandy got its name after the famous pirate - Gaston de Casteljac that at the end of the XVII century, tired of adventure and romance, returned to France, where he engaged in the production of cognac and cultivation of vineyards in the Grande Champagne region. This region is famous for its excellent climate and the unique soil in which the grapes are grown exceptional, giving a basis for creating exquisite cognac. Heirs continue the work of Gaston de Casteljac created brandy with his name.

Chateaux de Bordeneuve is in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac, in the picturesque village of Castelnau d'Ozan.

The XO Extra is exported to more than 20 countries and is decorated with wine lists of the best restaurants in France.