Incrocio Manzoni Rosso 2.15 Colli Trevigiani IGP

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Collalto is proud of the leading position it has achieved in producing four of the Incrocio Manzoni varieties that have withstood the challenges of time and market tastes. That includes the 2.15 variety, usually called Manzoni Rosso, which is a cross between Glera and Cabernet Sauvignon. It appears a spacious and luminous ruby red. The nose displays an uncommon grace and delicacy, with notes of fruit that are enfolding and ultra-smooth, and just a touch of that herbaceousness classic to Cabernet Sauvignon. That same smoothness marks the palate as well, then the finish displays a fine, judicious crispness, both qualities making this wine both immediately delicious yet suitable as well for cellaring. It is excellent with lighter meat dishes. But try it too as a more unexpected partner to full-flavoured fish for  instance , fish soups , chowders, etc; in this case, serve it slightly cool, at 16°C. It is also a fine accompaniment to briefly-aged raw-milk cheeses.