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The great liqueur...
from the smallest citrus fruit!

Our distillery has earned itself a solid reputation for excellence because it works rigorously with the greatest respect for tradition, in order to extract and sublimate the quintessence of noble, fresh and non-treated fruit. And, of course, this is also the case for Biercée's Kumquat liqueur.

The kumquats we use originate from the orchards of 'La Finca Rio Jara' in the south of Andalusia. The estate, which belongs to a Belgian friend of the distillery, is undergoing organic certification. The kumquats therefore arrive at our workshops free from any foreign substances. They go from the tree to the maceration tank, and from there to the copper Holstein stills and then into the bottle.

Currently the smallest citrus fruit in the world, the kumquat is oval and 2 to 4 cm long. This entirely edible fruit was imported to Europe from the Far East more than a century ago. Its name is derived from Cantonese and means 'golden orange'. Based on the Latin name of its variety 'Fortunella', and according to Chinese tradition, it will bring prosperity and good fortune to the lucky ones who receive it as a gift.

Biercée Kumquat contains no synthetic flavouring or colourants, even natural ones. Its contemporary and elegant bottle highlights its crystalline transparency. It has a subtle, delicate taste with a low sugar content.

Neat: drink it cold, straight out of the fridge or on ice, as an aperitif or at the end of a meal.

Mixed: its delicateness can also be enjoyed in a long drink. 4 cl to 6 cl of Biercée Kumquat liqueur simply mixed with premium tonic or a soft drink. It can also be elegantly mixed with a glass of champagne.

In a cocktail: very much the in thing, Biercée Kumquat will delight the taste buds of anyone who loves cocktails, from the simplest to the more sophisticated.

In a dish: it can be used to add a sweet & sour touch of originality to a vinaigrette for example. Fine gourmets will also love the liveliness and refinement it brings to starters, dishes with white meat, poultry or white fish. It's also wonderful in desserts.