La Cuvee VSAQ SPUMANTE Extra Dry

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Grapes: Incrocio Manzoni Bianco, Riesling Renano and glera in variable percentage depending on the growing season

Aspect: south

Soils: medium-textured, predominantly clay


Yield per hectare: 100-150 quintals, depending on grape variety

Harvest period: various periods, depending on the grape variety, between late August and mid-September


Vinification: the grapes are pressed gently, then the must is given a gravity settling and fermented in temperature-controlled tanks at 18°C.

Secondary fermentation: the wine receives its effervescence through the Martinotti-Charmat method, until it reaches 4.5 atmospheres. It is then filtered and bottled.


Alcohol: 11.5% vol.

Residual sugar: 15 g/l

Acidity: 5.5 g/l


This sparkling wine represents the marriage together of various white grape varieties, which gives it its particular versatility; it is outstanding for shipping in wine bars, as a mixed drink ingredient, and for enjoying during a meal. It appears an inviting straw-yellow, and beguiles the eye with its slender, continuously-cascading bead. Its fragrant complexity on the nose is matched by a crisp palate with

straightforward, self-confident flavours. Enjoy this cuvée throughout the meal, with first courses, seafood, and lighter meats. It makes a delicious aperitif wine and a stand-out ingredient in mixed drinks. Enjoy best at 6-8°C.