La Grande Josiane

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LCBO# 490796

700 mL.

Description : An union of strength and softness : the Grande Josiane is the result of a subtle blend of strength, fullness of Armagnac and also sweetness and flavour of natural orange extracts.
The advantage of La Grande Josiane is that it can be consumed as an aperitif with ice, as a component of high quality cocktails and as a traditional liquor (after dinner drink). Please enquire for a list of suggested consumption.

Tasting Notes : La Grande Josiane : a delicious taste.
"Lovely aromas of sweet marmalade and earthy Armagnac make a great contrast. On the palate this is delicious : Sweet orange rind and caramel with warm Armagnac flavors coming through on the finish…".
La Grande Josiane was rated 91 points and classified as an exceptional product by the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago.


95/100 points in Wine Enthusiast Magazine Armagnac plus orange liqueur equals a delightful sipper. The rich aroma bursts with orange oil and rich, comforting vanilla. On the palate, nuanced cocoa and coffee wind into a cinnamon-warmed finish, plus just enough alcohol to cut the sweetness. Kara Newman