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LCBO# 782847

The revisited and contemporary Belgian version of a classic

Aperitif with a good balance between astringency, bitterness and spicy notes. Biercée Vermouth is elaborated from Pinot blanc wine, slowly infused with a selection of spices, tea, almonds and several flowers in our tanks. Its freshness is derived from these flowers.

The addition of a distillate of mullein flowers, a typical regional plant, also known as bouillon blanc, gives Biercée Vermouth all its finesse as well as reinforcing the spicy notes.

It's also all the patience, precision, passion and know-how of our Master Distiller that give this all-too-often unappreciated aperitif its delicate balance and unique organoleptic personality.

Ideally, Biercée Vermouth should be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in a cocktail (Negroni, Americano, Boulevardier, Sbagliato).